City of Gibraltar

Building & Safety

Building Department

The City of Gibraltar contracts all Building Department services
with the City of Trenton.

To obtain a permit or schedule an inspection,
please contact the Trenton Building Department at:

Phone: (734) 675-8251
2800 3rd St.
Trenton, MI 48183

Flood Zones ‘A’ or ‘B’: If you live in Flood Zones ‘A’ or ‘B’, and you anticipate new construction or substantial improvement to your home, it is recommended that you apply early for a Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Permit. It can take 2 to 3 months for a permit to be issued by the MDEQ.

Certified Property Surveys: If you are considering putting in fences, garages, homes, swimming pools, sheds, seawalls, docks, etc., please be aware that you may need to obtain a certified property survey. Please plan ahead and have the survey done early. Mortgage surveys will not be accepted.

Home Inspections: If you plan on selling your home, please be aware that you will need to have an inspection conducted on your home to ensure compliance with the Fire System requirements (i.e. smoke detectors). Homes may be required to be brought up to current code. Plan ahead to have your home inspected and allow time to have the necessary corrections made before you close on the sale of your home. Check with the Trenton Building Department for details.

Berm Inspections: For homeowners planning to sell that live on waterfront property with a berm, you also need to have a City Berm Inspection. Berm height needs to be at a certain elevation. Contact the City of Gibraltar to make arrangements for the City Engineer to schedule an inspection.

SESC Permits: State Law requires Soil Erosion Sedimentation Control permit, (SESC), Permits for certain projects, especially those within 500 Ft of a body of water. Please keep in mind you may be required to obtain a SESC Permit and install and maintain SESC measures. Please Contact Wayne County at (734) 326-3936 or call the Building Department if you have any questions regarding SESC Permits.
DCC Weatherization: The Downriver Community Conference Weatherization has received an energy assistance grant from the Michigan Public Service Commission. The grant provides utility assistance for low-income residents. Eligibility is based on the DCC Income Poverty Guidelines for 2010. For more information or to set an appointment, please call (734) 362-3473, (734) 362-7030, or (734) 362-7050.

Housing Rehabilitation: The City of Gibraltar is pleased to offer the Housing Rehabilitation Program through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. This program is designed to assist Gibraltar residents in a low to moderate income range that are in need of eligible home improvements. For more information regarding qualification guidelines and the Program, please contact Denise Sciacca, Rehab Specialist, on Thursday afternoons at (734) 676-3900 or by email at


Please contact the City of Trenton Building Department to schedule your inspection (734) 675-8251 A copy of the Rental Property Registration Form can be found by clicking here “Rental Application” as well as inspection guidelines by clicking here “Rental Guidelines”. If you plan on renting your home and it will not be utilized as your primary residence- please note you will need to rescind your homestead exemption. The aforementioned form can be found by clicking here “Rescind Homestead Exemption” A copy of the City of Gibraltar rental ordinance can be found online at The City of Gibraltar rental ordinance.

Pre-Sale Building Inspections:

  • Please contact the City of Trenton for Inspection Scheduling (734) 675-8251
  • Inspection fee is $210 and the fee includes one (1) reinspecation
  • For the $210 fee, three inspectors will review the property. The inspectors will conduct building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing inspections
  • As part of the inspection a housing inspection report will be generated which lists all the corrections you will need to perform to receive your City Certification
  • The purchaser can assume the repairs as part of the sale (they must fill out a form with Trenton, the fee for this transfer of responsibility is $100)
  • Please contact the City of Trenton ASAP as inspections are normally 30 days out
  • Inspections are Mondays and Wednesdays. someone above 18 years of age must be available at the time of inspection or access to a lock box is acceptable as well
  • Homes listed for sale prior to January 1, 2018 are not required to receive an inspection
  • Home owners should remember, rental inspections are required in the City of Gibraltar. Please contact the City of Trenton for additional information

Adopted Pre-Sale Inspection Ordinance

Pre-Sale Home Inspection Summary